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Prince Harry's appearance with thicker, fuller hair in new interview sparks speculations

Royal fans think that Prince Harry has had hair transplant to elevate his look

By Web Desk
January 10, 2023

Prince Harry's latest appearance in new TV interviews has set tongues wagging as some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the Duke's hair was looking thicker.

The Duke of Sussex appeared with fuller hair in recent interview, leading the public to wonder if William's younger brother has had a hair transplant, with one fan appeared certain that Meghan's hubby had the procedure: "Prince Harry has definitely had a hair transplant."

It comes after he 38-year-old wrote about his brother Prince William's hair loss in Spare, commenting that his brother's baldness was "alarming" and more advanced than his own.

"Prince Harry's hair does appear to look fuller and thicker than it had previously," said Jay Dharamshi, hair specialist and founder of Sky Clinic, as per Hello!.

"This could be due to him undergoing a surgical hair transplant or he could have had a non-surgical hair restoration treatment. In my opinion, Harry has likely had a non-surgical treatment, which made his hair appear more restored and fuller.

"He could have a PRP hair restoration treatment or hair restoration mesotherapy which involves micro-injections of active ingredients in mesoderm. Those are very effective treatments for slowing hair loss and increasing hair volume."

Jay continued that male pattern hair loss is a common type of balding and is caused by a combination of hormonal and hereditary factors.

"It usually starts with thinning hair on the hairline and on top and front of the head. Androgenic alopecia is a familial condition," he continued.

On why Prince William has lost his hair faster than Harry, Jay explained: "Even though siblings are born with the same genetics, we all come with unique DNA, which means that all siblings will not necessarily be affected by hair loss.

"Baldness genes can often skip a generation, or you can be a carrier without showing any signs of baldness, so yes, it is very common for one brother to lose hair while another doesn't."

Some of Prince Harry's fans and friends think that the Duke has had hair transplant to elevate his look.