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King Charles issued new warnings ahead of Prince Harry's memoir release

UK's new generation no longer fully supportive of the royal family: report

By Web Desk
January 05, 2023

The young Britons are no longer fully supportive of the Royal Family - like past generations were, according to new reports.

King Charles III has been advised to do something very special to win over the younger generation as they are sticking to their liberal views.

It has been reported previously by Newsweek that youth in the UK are no longer fully supportive of the royal family. The younger generation does not seem to become more conservative, breaking previous trends that took over the UK and the US.

A expert has pointed out that both the countries are by "far the least conservative 36-year-old's in recorded history". He suggests that the change may be a result of the 2008 financial crash.

Mr Burn-Murdoch wrote: "If millennials' liberal inclinations are merely a result of this age effect, then at age thirty-five, they too should be around five points less conservative than the national average and can be relied upon to gradually become more conservative. In fact, they're more like 15 points less conservative."