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Deepika Padukone shines at Forbes India cover

Deepika Padukone makes Forbes India cover look 'glorious'

By Web Desk
January 02, 2023
Deepika Padukone makes Forbes India cover look glorious
Deepika Padukone makes Forbes India cover look 'glorious'

Deepika Padukone had quite a year and she has conquered the industry like no one else. To pay tribute to her hard work and consistency, Forbes India decides to put her on their cover. She glows as she glares into the eyes of the audience wearing a floral collared dress.

Deepika had a lot of achievements past year. She appeared at Cannes, she also helped people going through mental disorders through an NGO she has formed to help people fighting mental battles. She also became ambassador and main face of many leading brands. As per her fans, Deepika is unstoppable and she would do anything to be the dominant woman she is.

Deepika will be seen in Pathaan this month alongside Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham. The song from film named ‘Besharam Rang’ was bane of controversies for a long time because Deepika wore a saffron colored dress in the video, moreover as per BJP officials the song contains elements of obscenity.