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Prince Harry will be invited to Charles’ coronation ‘unless he says something dreadful’

King Charles III is a 'loving father' who will invite Prince Harry

By Web Desk
January 02, 2023


King Charles III won’t be snubbing Prince Harry from his upcoming coronation next year as the new monarch is a ‘loving father’, said a royal expert.

Speaking to OK!, expert Jennie Bond said that Sussexes will be receiving an invite despite their bombshell docuseries. “They will receive an invitation because Charles is a loving father,” Jennie expressed. “It’s only five years since Charles was on Radio 4 and called him ‘darling boy’.”

“That’s how he always talked about him. A lot has happened in five years, but he will always remain Harry’s dad. I cannot conceive that they would not be invited, unless he says something so completely dreadful,” the expert further added.

Meanwhile, she also talked about the upcoming royal ceremony which will be watched by millions of people.

“It’ll be a fantastic day. Charles’ mother, in the Christmas message she gave the year she acceded, said she looked forward to her coronation and asked for everyone to pray for her on the coronation day,” she said.

“Charles will be hoping for unity. Unity is pretty important today – we’re so divided, in the country, the world and the royal family. I’m sure Charles will be hoping his coronation will be a rallying call for all to move on from the disunity that has been so prevalent ever since Brexit,” she added.