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Kate Hudson responds 'Oh no, Canceled' to Dane Cook after he named her his worst onscreen kiss

Kate Hudson also compares her on-screen chemistry with Billy Crudup and Matthew McConaughey in a lie-detector test

By Web Desk
December 30, 2022
Kate Hudson responds Oh no, Canceled to Dane Cook after he named her his worst onscreen kiss

Kate Hudson recently dished out on her best on-screen kisses and reacted to the 8 year old Dan Cook comment that she was his worst on-screen kiss.

On 29 December, Kate Hudson recently went through Vanity Fair's lie-detector test where she lifted the veil off of all her best kisses among actors.

According to People, Hudson made a face when she was presented with a picture of Dane Cook, who was her costar in 2008's My Best Friend's Girl. Reacting to the picture, she laughingly joked, "Oh, no ... no. Canceled!"

Hudson's response comes eight years following Cook's comment in an interview on Watch What Happens Live that she was his worst onscreen kiss.

"I think she purposely ate like a feast of onions before our scene," the comedian said at the time, according to ABC News. "I had to burn her on that one!"

Talking about her kiss with Billy Crudup in Almost Famous, Hudson remarked, "I think Billy is a gentler kisser."

"I wouldn't say better. Definitely just gentler. It's a more sophisticated version of a kiss," she continued.

When she was asked to compare Billy's kiss with that of Matthew McConaughey in How to lose a Guy in 10 Days and Fool's Gold, Hudson jokingly responded, "[Billy's is] like theater, it's like Stanislavski, and [Matthew's is] like, Longhorns, you know what I mean?"

Hudson's best on-screen kiss, however, was with Liv Tyler in 2000's Dr. T & the Women.