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Jennifer Lopez talks of ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and how it breaks stereotypes

Jennifer Lopez discusses how 'Shotgun Wedding’ is different from the other rom-com films she has starred in

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December 29, 2022

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Jennifer Lopez talked about her hotly released rom-com Shotgun Wedding which also stars Josh Duhamel starrer breaks the stereotypes.

In an interview with Gulf News, the Marry Me star revealed why she liked the Jason Moore directorial and what makes it different from her other movies.

“I have done a lot of romantic comedies,” JLo said, “I liked that this had the action aspect to it. To me, that was something that was going to kind of separate it from something that I had ever done.”

When asked if she feels the need to carry any burden of resurrecting any cinematic genre, Lopez, who has starred in number of rom-coms such as The Wedding Planner, Maid In Manhattan and Monster-In-Law, replied, “I don’t know.”

“I feel there has been a few rom-coms out in the past couple of months that were nice and were kind of reviving it. And we are always trying to push the envelope of what we do. Sometimes, it can all feel like the same ending and it’s expected,” she added.

Jennifer Lopez talks of ‘Shotgun Wedding’ and how it breaks stereotypes

Lopez continued: “For me, it’s all about you can take them [your viewers] on the journey and how many kinds of surprising, weird things you can do along the way so that people can enjoy … As you said, it’s a good ride and a good romp.”

“This film is very kind of modern … [it touches upon] people who wait before getting married because we are more career and goal-oriented in our lives. There are a lot of people who are like, you know, don’t feel like the blushing bride at 20.

“They’re not getting married till 30 or 40 or, you know, sometimes 50 years old. So it was something to be addressed in the movie because both of us are not in our 20s here. And so that kind of made it added a little bit of extra drama to it,” shared the actor.