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Pete Davidson mom warns son not to marry ‘fame-hugging’ celebrities

Pete Davidson's mother wants him to settle down and tie the knot with normal girl, source

By Web Desk
December 24, 2022

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Pete Davidson’s mom Amy Waters Davidson is not happy with her son dating A-list celebrities like his ex Kim Kardashian or his rumoured girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski.

The 53-year-old has been urging the comedian to settle down and tie the knot with a girl who’s “marriage material” and not some “fame-hugging” celebrity.

An insider spilt to Radar Online that Amy is having hard time to digest her son’s reputation as someone who is very appealing to famous ladies.

“She’d liked to see him settle down and find a nice girl who’s marriage material — not some fame-hugging celebrity,” the source said.

“Amy doesn’t have anything against Emily — or any of the other girls Pete’s dated — but she’s had about all she can take with this bed-hopping,” the insider shared.

“He’s nearly 30, after all. She’s telling him he needs to be more selective in his choices. By the time she was his age, she was already married with two young kids,” the source added.

However, the outlet revealed that Pete is not ready to get married nor to commit to one women. “He’s having too much fun,” said the source.

“Women are throwing themselves at him. He’s loving it and doesn’t want to stop now — not when he’s got this nice rhythm going on,” the insider dished.

Amid reports that Pete is romantically involved with EmRata, the comedian has been spotted multiple times with his Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders.