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Netflix ‘The Recruit’: Laura Haddock says she was unaware of cliffhanger ending

Laura Haddock stars alongside Noah Centineo in Netflix's ‘The Recruit' which is now streaming on the platform

By Web Desk
December 19, 2022

Laura Haddock stars alongside Noah Centineo in Netflix’s spy-themed show, The Recruit.

Haddock plays Max Meladze, a Russian woman who threatens to expose the agency unless they exonerate her of her crimes. Whereas, Centineo plays the rookie lawyer-turned-spy named Owen who gets caught in the case to help Max clear her name.

In an interview with TheWrap, Haddock revealed that she was unaware of her character’s cliffhanger ending until she got the final scripts.

“Going into it, there were three different of versions of where we took Max,” Haddock said.

“Just consistently throughout filming we were talking about what felt right and had she played her last card,” she said. “Does she still have cards left? We were always having conversations around that. But ultimately, it’s only when you get the scripts that you know what actually happens. No spoilers, but it was only when I was handed the scripts that I knew how that story was panning out.”

Talking about getting her Russian accent right, Haddock divulged, “Honestly, I love working in accents.” She continued, “I’d actually prefer to work in an accent than not in an accent.”

“I started to surround myself with it, and listen to its lot and have it playing,” Haddock said, on how she prepared to play Max.

“I knew that I wanted her to voice tone to be lower than mine, so I dropped her voice in tone. I’m quite like, sing-songy when I talk. My voice goes back and forth and up and down, I wanted Max’s to be quite consistent because I found that to be a pattern when I was listening to the Russian accent or Russian women speaking English with their accent.”

The Recruit is available to stream now on Netflix.