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Kate Middleton ‘must remember’ she’s approaching forties as baby no. 4 looms

Kate Middleton warned she’s approaching her 40’s as news of baby no. 4 overtakes news outlets

By Web Desk
December 16, 2022

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Kate Middleton has been warned about her advancing age amid news reports of her plans for baby no. 4.

This warning has been issued by ITV News' royal editor Chris Ship, in one of his chats with Sky News Australia.

His claim came in response to Kate’s earlier visit to a maternity unit.

He began by addressing calls for baby no. 4 and warned that while “it's entirely possible” that “she might have a fourth.” Its important to take note of the fact that “William and Kate are in their forties now.”

He also added, “it's entirely up to them, it's a private matter. If they want to have a fourth, I'm sure they will.”

This claim has comes shortly after Closer Magazine sources noted, “They both love the idea of being a family of six.”