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Prince Harry believes Lilibet took ‘no traits’ from Meghan Markle

Prince Harry believes Lilibet bears no resemblance to his wife Meghan Markle

By Web Desk
December 16, 2022

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Prince Harry claims Lilibet took ‘nothing’ from her mother Meghan Markle and looks “very Spencer-like.”

The Duke of Sussex made this admission while speaking to Netflix’s docuseries Harry & Meghan.

There, he started by weighing in on the uncanny resemblance of his kids to extended family.

While “I think at the moment, I see a lot of my wife in Archie,” there is no connection between Meghan and Lilibet who sees “a lot of my mum in Lili”.

He even went on to laud her lighter features and attribute them to her mother’s side of the family, adding how “She's very Spencer-like.”

"She's got the same blue eyes” and “sort of like a golden-reddish hair," he also added before concluding.