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‘Thankless angry bar dweller’ Prince Harry transformed into war hero

Prince Harry has Palace aides to thank for transforming him from 'angry bar dweller to war hero’

By Web Desk
December 14, 2022

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Prince Harry has just been urged to show ‘more gratitude’ for the work that went into transforming him from ‘bar dweller to war hero’.

This insight has been brought forward by royal expert Kinsey Schofield.

She started her admission by telling the Daily Star about the “large generalizations” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly made to “avoid defamations” and ‘stir controversy’ simultaneously.

She was also quoted saying, “Harry and Meghan talk in large generalizations that leave people gossiping and guessing. It’s a way for them to avoid defamation while continuing to stir up controversy and rally their angry base.”

“Harry has provided the palace with many more controversial stories to navigate than William ever could. William is the heir.”

“Of course the Palace is going to protect him. Keep your nose out of trouble and nothing can be said about you. Look at the Princess Royal.”

“Harry should be grateful that the Palace worked so diligently to change his image. He went from angry bar dweller to war hero overnight.”

“Had The Firm not protected Harry with a very strategic transformation, there is no way he would have the platform he has now to slander his own flesh and blood.”

Before concluding she also referenced the Palace’s hand in turning Prince Harry ‘popular’ and claimed, “Harry was popular. Because The Firm worked very hard to make him likable.”