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Kanye West’s honorary doctorate degree revoked after anti-Semitic remarks

The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago wrote that Kanye West’s recent comments have been 'painful for our entire community'

By Web Desk
December 09, 2022

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Kanye West rescinded of his honorary doctorate degree, given to him by the School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago (SAIC) in 2015, due to his recent anti-Semitic rants.

In the school letter, obtained by TMZ, the SAIC president said, “His anti-Black, antisemitic, and incendiary statements, particularly those directed at Black and Jewish communities, are disgusting and condemnable.”

“As a community, we know that there are varying opinions on what our School’s response should be––even as we all agree that his behaviour is indefensible,” the letter, written by President Elissa Tenny, continued. “His actions do not align with SAIC’s mission and values.”

West, who also goes by Ye, was awarded the honorary doctorate for his achievements and contributions to art and culture.

The rapper has been revoked due to his recent stunts – which have included praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an interview.

West has been criticized in recent weeks for continued anti-semitic comments, which have resulted in the suspension of both his Instagram and Twitter accounts, and an end to his lucrative partnership with Adidas and several other brands.