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Prince Harry breaks silence on Nazi uniform fiasco: ‘It was a fancy dress party’

Prince Harry weighs in on his entire fiasco with the Nazi uniform party

By Web Desk
December 09, 2022

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Prince Harry has just shed some light on the Nazi uniform debacle and tugged at heartstrings with his admission.

The Duke made his admissions in the new Netflix docuseries titled Harry & Meghan.

While recalling the ‘shameful’ moment that “was one of the biggest mistakes of my life” Prince Harry explained, “I felt so ashamed afterwards. All I wanted to do was make it right.”

At one point, he also “sat down and spoke to the chief rabbi in London, which had a profound impact on me. I went to Berlin and spoke to a Holocaust survivor,” as well.

“I could have just ignored it and got on and probably made the same mistakes over and over again in my life, but I learned.”

During the course of his chat, Prince Harry also referenced the topic of racism and claimed, “In this family, sometimes you're part of the problem rather than part of the solution.”

He also stacked everything to an ‘unconscious bias’ and added, “The thing with unconscious bias is it's actually no one's fault. “But once it's been pointed out or identified within yourself, you then need to make it right. It’s education and awareness. And it's a constant. It's a constant work in progress for everybody, including me.”