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Randeep Hooda doesn’t want to ‘pretend’ glamorous

Randeep Hooda is not very social, reveals the reason

By Web Desk
December 08, 2022
Randeep Hooda is not very social, reveals the reason
Randeep Hooda is not very social, reveals the reason 

Randeep Hooda doesn’t prefer attending Bollywood events parties because he doesn’t want to pretend to be glamorous. He has been a part of the industry for over two decades but he is not very social, the reason of which he has revealed.

In an interview with Indian Express, he talked about Indian Express, “I don’t think I have won any awards in my life and I don’t give a damn about them really. They are opinions. But, you aim to be honest with yourself and stay real. You’re trying to be yourself most of the time; if you start faking it in real life you start faking it on screen.”

He further added, “So, staying true to yourself and my work, and knowing that your job is not to please people keeps me grounded. I don’t think people pleasers make good actors.”

He also said, “I guess I do spend a lot of time with real people and not so much with film people because at some stage we all get alienated and enter our cocoon. If you’re successful then you start living in an ivory tower. You will not be able to connect to people anymore, because you’re living in an isolated vacuum, so as to speak. So, obviously you have to be in touch with reality and the best way to do so is to have a conversation with your mother, she’ll put you right.”

The actor’s next acting venture is a Netflix Show Cat. It will be premiering on December 9.