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Meghan Markle urged pick a better man ‘the second time around’

Meghan Markle’s growing aspirations have sparked calls to have her ‘trade up’ for better returns

By Web Desk
December 05, 2022

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Meghan Markle urged to ‘trade up’ in order to meet her ‘growing requirements’ from life.

This claim has been made by royal biographer and author Tina Brown, per a report by The Telegraph.

The overall jest was made at the 2022 Henley Literary Festival while discussing the couple’s abode in Hope Ranch.

At the time she branded the couple’s $14 million Montecito mansion “a humble cottage compared to what these other people” when compared to the rest.

She even slipped in a joke and pointed out how “at some point, it might be more than a new house she's looking for. Elon Musk is still single; that's all I have to say.”