Saturday February 04, 2023

Netflix Original Series 'Thieves of the Wood' bidding farewell soon: Find out

Netflix is ending 'Thieves of the Wood' after its agreement with the production expires

By Web Desk
December 04, 2022
Netflix Original Series Thieves of the Wood bidding farewell soon: Find out

Netflix Original Dutch-language miniseries Thieves of the Wood is set to depart the streaming platform globally after running for almost three years.

Thieves of the Wood, also known as The Flemish Bandits, initially aired in a Dutch and Flemish language TV station, operating in Belgium, before coming to Netflix permanently.

According to What's on Netflix, the series is set during the chaotic period of Austrian rule of Southern Netherlands, where a band of thieves led by a man named Jan de Lichte, takes on the wealthy and powerful, striking a blow for justice and equality.

The ten-part series entered the streaming platform globally on January 2nd, 2020. After running for three threes, it is ready to leave on January 2nd, 2023. The date aligns with the length of the time the series was given in the licensing agreements.

The last day to stream Thieves of the Wood is January 1st, 2023 on all Netflix regions.