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BTS RM reveals his inspiration says 'I’m In His Debt'

BTS RM reflected on why Yun Hyong Keun inspired him as an artist

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December 03, 2022
BTS RM reveals his inspiration says I’m In His Debt
BTS RM reveals his inspiration says 'I’m In His Debt'

BTS idol RM has always been expressive about his admiration for the Korean artist Yun Hyong Keun.

As reported by Koreaboo, BTS singer and rapper RM’s first ever solo album Indigo seems to have been influenced by his reverence towards Yun Hyong Keun. 

From using the painting in the background of Indigo’s album jacket to calling his tracklist 10 Blues.

Yun’s 1972 piece, Blues seemingly had deep impact on RM and it has been reflected in his album from the start.

RM shared the golden life advice that he remembered from his favorite artist,

“He always said you have to be human first/ Don’t try to do art, just have fun, savoring all the sorrows and joys of life.”

The rapper also took major lessons from Yun’s life that was filled with tremendous hardships.

Yun experienced the Japanese colonial rule in Korea, and the postwar dictatorship era.

RM feels immense respect for the legendary artist for living through constantly turbulent times and he was still being able to produce art, this fascinates the BTS leader to no end.

“In his time, people were starving and there was art, but most people were [focused on getting] food and [the need to] survive…I could never imagine how they could think of art at those times – [through] the wars, the fights, the politics. That’s why I have a big respect [for] especially him. He never bowed down to the bad things.” RM told News Express.

The reason behind highlighting Yun’s work and words in his solo album was to spread the artist’s message to the world.

RM admitted that he wants to “be an ambassador of him ’cause I’m in his debt.”