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Johnny Depp planned defamation trial ‘years ago’?: ‘Your future’s on display'

Amber Heard’s romantic preferences plunged Johnny Depp into ‘pure anger’

By Web Desk
December 01, 2022

File Footage

Johnny Depp reportedly had trouble with Amber Heard and ‘most’ of it surrounded her interest in women.

Unsealed court document
Unsealed court document

According to a text chain obtained in the unsealed court documents, an exchange from ‘Steve’ was screen-grabbed and is rumored to be a pseudonym for Mr Depp.

In the text the messages range from insults to allegations and reads, “DO NOT expect anything from me. Eat salad with your equine a d bovine yurps… And thanks for the support… Have a great shoot!!! You sicken me…”

The next collection of letters added, “Leave me fu****’ be, Officer square head… Your display of guilt and matronliness as as l****** camp councilor was plenty… Your future is on display. Best if luck…” (sic)