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Prince Harry ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’: ‘Netflix or King Charles’

Prince Harry ‘fighting’ between choosing King Charles or a Netflix contract

By Web Desk
November 30, 2022

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Prince Harry reportedly has only one way to make it back into the Firm, and it involves millions of dollars in sacrifice.

This insight has been brought forward by royal author Phil Dampier, in his interview with The Sun.

He started by listening out instances where King Charles 'clearly' extended an olive branch to the couple and claimed, “Charles has already offered an olive branch to Harry by mentioning him in his first-ever address to the nation when he became King. I’m sure he’s also offered olive branches privately and I’m sure he’s been invited to Sandringham for the festive season.”

“He’s clearly not going to come home for Christmas and I’m sure Charles will be very upset by that and the fact that his olive branches have been rejected." 

Before concluding Mr Dampier also added, "It would have been extremely difficult for Harry to rip up his Netflix contract and lose millions of dollars but that’s what he should have done to mend the relationship with his dad.”