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King Charles to ensure Duke of Edinburgh does not go to brother Edward family

King Charles III is afraid the Duke of Edinburgh title will slam slimmed down monarchy plans

By Web Desk
November 29, 2022

King Charles III has decided to not give the Duke of Edinburgh title to Prince Edward.

His Majesty, who promised Queen Elizabeth II to pass on father Prince Philip's title to his youngest sibling, is reportedly afraid the decision will hinder his plans of a slimmed down monarchy.

Royal commentator Richard Eden tells Palace Confidential: "Charles has decided he's not going to give it to him, he's not going to really use it himself.

"That title stays with the Crown but he doesn't want to give it to him. One of the reasons is that it's a hereditary title, if he gives it to Edward, it then establishes a new household.

"You've got the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, their son James would inherit that title.

"The view that I was told from the King is that Edward always accepted that slimmed-down monarchy, that's why his children didn't become prince and princess."

"They had some title, Lady and Viscount, but not that prince title and he accepted that. And this is part of that slimming down," he concluded.