Tuesday February 07, 2023

King Charles 'keen' on turning Windsor Castle into 'museum' for money

King Charles III wants to use Royal Palaces to generate revenue

By Web Desk
November 29, 2022

King Charles III is adamant on making a museum out of his mother, late Queen Elizabeth II's beloved home.

The monarch is allegedly planning to make Windsor Castle a means to make money.

Daily Mirror Royal Editor Russell Myers has confirmed His Majesty's plans on True Royalty's The Royal Beat programme.

He said: "Charles is very keen about opening more of the palaces, certainly the ones that aren’t being used."

He added: "Windsor Castle would probably be one of them and would be opened more.

"He has plans to make Balmoral some sort of museum and certainly to bring in more money, to make it more sustainable for the Royal Family and for the country.”

This comes amid King's plans of slimmed down monarchy.