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Queen Elizabeth was urged to abdicate to Charles: report

Public wanted Queen Elizabeth to abdicate

By Web Desk
November 27, 2022

The new season of “The Crown” has given birth to many questions as it showcases many of the scandals faced by the royal family in the early 90s, like Charles and Diana's split.

Netflix's fifth season of the hit drama shows a poll of the British public suggesting half of them think Queen Elizabeth II should abdicate in favor of Prince Charles.

The Washington Post has tried to reveal the truth whether the public really wanted the Queen to abdicate.

As per report, there really was a Sunday Times poll with the abdication question, but most of the details have been changed, no doubt to add Hollywood drama.

The poll came out in January 1990, not August 1991 as it does in the show, and nearly half said the queen should consider abdicating in favour of Charles. But, importantly, they said she should consider “eventually,” not necessarily at that very moment. The “eventually” has been left out in the show.

According to the outlet, the real poll was largely positive about the royal family — only 6 percent thought abolishing the monarchy would leave Britain better off — and support for Queen Elizabeth II and her mother was through the roof: Nine in 10 felt favorably or very favorably about them.