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Jungkook becomes fastest Korean Soloist to surpass 600M streams on Spotify

Jungkook surpasses 600M streams on Spotify

By Web Desk
November 26, 2022
Jungkook surpasses 600M streams on Spotify
Jungkook surpasses 600M streams on Spotify 

Jungkook has become the fastest Korean soloist to cross 600M streams on Spotify. Previously, RM and V from BTS have had the privilege to get the same amount of streams on the biggest music streaming platform.

BTS’s craze never takes rest. Their fans are over the moon ever since Jungkook has got the honor. Twitter erupted with reactions as soon as the news was out.

Jungkook has recently performed at FIFA Worldcup Opening Ceremony in Qatar. His performance broke the internet and the music video of Dreamers, official anthem of FIFA has views in millions. Fans can’t hold their excitement as one of the most loved bands in music industry are reaching milestones after milestones.

BTS is right now exploring genres of music to mix with Korean classic pop and are experimenting a little with their art. They took a hiatus from making combined music for a while to work on their individuality.