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Nida Yasir invites viral dance video girl to show: Netizens react on Twitter

Nida Yasir invites the girl from 'mera dil ye pukaare' viral dance video

By Web Desk
November 25, 2022
Nida Yasir invites the girl from mera dil ye pukaare viral dance video
Nida Yasir invites the girl from 'mera dil ye pukaare' viral dance video 

Nida Yasir is morning show host who is famous for inviting major controversial and viral celebrities to her show. Recently, a video of a girl dancing on Lata Mangeshkar’s hit track ‘mera dil ye pukaare’ went viral and erupted the internet.

Ever since the video broke the internet, netizens started wondering when the girl will be invited by Nida, and earlier today, she fulfilled the wish of internet. She invited the viral video girl on her show and asked questions about how she went viral.

Right after the interview went live, Twitter erupted with hilarious and thought-provoking tweets.

Netizens have collectively come to a conclusion that this particular morning show encourages people who haven’t contributed to the society in any positive way. Previously, Nida has invited Dananeer Mobeen, who got famous through ‘Pawri horai hai’ viral video and Ahmed Shah, a child star who got famous through his videos of funnily speaking in a Pashtu dialect.