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King Charles urged mother to give Princess Diana 'proper burial'

King Charles and Princess Diana filed for divorce in 1996

By Web Desk
November 25, 2022

King Charles III wanted the best send off for ex-wife, Princess Diana.

The new monarch reportedly fought with the Queen in 1997 to have a 'deserving' funeral for the former Princess of Wales.

Royal expert Christopher Andersen tells Kinsey Schofield on her podcast that the father-of-two was "up against the Queen" as she "didn't understand the depth of feeling that people had" following Diana's death.

Queen did not want to "fly the flag at half-mast" and wasn't going to "give Diana the proper burial, funeral, that she deserved".

Ms Anderson continued: "[It was] all Charles that did it.

"He stepped up in a big way."

Speaking about a "regret" that Charles has till date, Mr Anderson touched upon His Majesty "convincing [William and Harry] to walk behind the coffin".

He added: "I think Charles now feels a little guilt about having convinced them to do that."