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Prince Harry sparks backlash by ‘digging up memoires from the past’

Prince Harry takes fans by surprise after attempting to ‘dig up memoires from the past’

By Web Desk
November 23, 2022

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Prince Harry has sparked debate over his instance on digging up memories from the past.

Nick Bullen, editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV, offered this admission in his most recent interview with Us Weekly. 

It all began once Mr Bullen was asked about Prince Harry going “back over this old brand”.

He began the conversation by saying, “Now, whether that’s for the book or the documentary, I don’t know, but I know a lot of people have been saying to him, ‘Why are you going back over this old brand? Why are you digging all of this up again?'”

“So, I think those closest to him in the UK or those who were very close to him in the UK in the past are slightly concerned about how far he’s going.”

Before concluding though he claimed, “Now, whether he puts all of that in the book or the doc, I don’t know, but he’s certainly been doing a lot of early childhood research.”