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Meghan Markle finds her 'locker' during visit to teenage school

Meghan Markle revisits her school to touch upon childhood memories

By Web Desk
November 23, 2022

Meghan Markle is recalling good old days as she visits her school.

The Duchess of Sussex, for the latest episode of podcast Archetypes, spoke about the formative years of her life.

As she walked into school Immaculate Heart, Meghan said: "Okay, ready team? This is all very nice and new. Isn't it a pretty campus?"

"Oh, my gosh. How funny. My locker was right over here," she continued. "I was somewhere smack in the middle. I don't remember because these are your lockers when you're in high school and the middle school lockers were up there."

Meghan said, "You've heard me talk about Immaculate Heart on the series before and the influence it's had on my life. And look I was there from ages, about 12 to 17 which are really formative years in your life – they certainly were for me. And let me just say, being back there, the energy, it was, it was palpable."

She added: "I was happy to be back there, and it was also really fun — especially when I made a surprise visit and I popped into some of the young ladies in volleyball practice."