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Prince Harry accused of committing 'treason' against King Charles III

Prince Harry has been accused of allegedly committing ‘treason’ against his father King Charles

By Web Desk
November 21, 2022

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Prince Harry has been accused of allegedly committing ‘treason’ against his father King Charles, who reportedly believes that his son ‘sold out’ the royal family to Netflix for their royal drama The Crown, as per Woman’s Day magazine.

Palace sources quoted by the outlet detailed how the 74-year-old monarch is convinced that his son influenced how senior royals are depicted on the latest season of the drama chronicling the royal family.

Adding on to these claims, a source said: “If it's true, it's basically treason. Harry was still around when the series began in 2016, and he knew how damaging it has been to pretty much every single senior family member so far – except, it seems, himself.”

The insider went on to claim: “Charles wants to consider cutting Harry off once and for all… But he also wants to present it as a united family decision, rather than just his own.”

“And above all, he trusts Prince William, Princess Catherine, Princess Anne and Prince Edward – all who were summoned to Buckingham Palace to discuss the issue,” the source continued.

They also stated: “If he is successful, Harry will become totally obsolete within the royal system. Charles would prefer his loyal sister and the reliable Edward any day over a rebellious son who may or may not have sold him out to Hollywood scriptwriters.”

The comments come days after King Charles formally asked for an amendment to the Regency Act in order to include his siblings Princess Anne and Prince Edward as his Counsellors of State, effectively side-lining Prince Harry even more.