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Bhushan Kumar files case against a con for impersonation

Bhushan Kumar is known for producing films like: 'Hindi Medium, Ludo, Kabir Singh and more'

By Web Desk
November 21, 2022
Bhushan Kumar is known for producing films like: Hindi Medium, Ludo, Kabir Singh and more
Bhushan Kumar is known for producing films like: 'Hindi Medium, Ludo, Kabir Singh and more'

Producer Bhushan Kumar has filed a fraud and forgery case against an unknown person acting as an imposter of him. 

Kumar’s team released an official statement that read: “T-Series has filed a complaint for impersonation, forgery and fraud against certain unknown accused who are attempting to malign our Managing Director, Mr. Bhushan Kumar.”

“Through the use of foreign phone number, accused imposters, posing as Mr. Kumar, reached out to several persons through distasteful messages. The bluff of the accused imposters was promptly called out by persons who are personally known to Mr. Kumar.”

The team further wrote: “Further, the persons targeted immediately alerted Mr. Kumar of the incidents that had occurred. Upon receipt of this information, T-Series swiftly filed a complaint against the accused imposters. In light of the same a police investigation is currently underway.”

“The motive behind this campaign to injure Mr. Kumar’s reputation is evident, and such disgraceful and vindictive behaviour will be dealt with appropriately by official authorities.“

The team clarified by saying, "Mr. Kumar has no role to play in these events and is being targeted by persons acting out of malicious intent," reports TimesofIndia.

“Should anyone be contacted by these accused imposters, we urge them to not engage in any conversation or transaction with any such imposters, warns team T-series.”

Bhushan Kumar is the managing-director of T-series. He is known as the producer of some hit films including; Ludo, Hindi Medium, Kabir Singh, Singham and many more.