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Claire Foy weighs on her ‘unexpected’ cameo in ‘The Crown’ season 5

Claire Foy said, 'it's a great thing' regarding her cameo in season five of 'The Crown'

By Web Desk
November 19, 2022

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Claire Foy returned to her royal avatar in a surprising cameo in the fifth season of The Crown.

Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth II in seasons one and two of the hit royal drama series, made a cameo appearance in a flashback scene launching the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Reflecting on her latest cameo in the much-hyped installment of the show, Foy, 38, said that she was very happy to participate again on The Crown.

Speaking to E! News at the Chanel x Academy Luncheon, Foy said, "I didn't know there was a reaction."

The actress made it clear that she was happy to once again participate in Peter Morgan's Netflix drama. "I'm just really proud," she said. "I'm really proud to have been part of the show ever so, yeah, it's a great thing."

Foy’s cameo surprised viewers as many of them took to social media and express their thoughts on watching her again as Her Majesty.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "#TheCrown season 5: *opens with Claire Foy's Queen Elizabeth* me, out loud, to my computer: I MISS YOU!!!!!!"

Another chimed in, "Claire Foy popping up in season 5 of The Crown makes me so happy."

Olivia Colman took over as the Queen in seasons three and four of the royal series. Imelda Staunton played Her Majesty in the latest season of The Crown, which is available to stream on Netflix.