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Victoria Beckham tired of making efforts to end rift with Nicola Peltz

Victoria Beckham avoids telling Nicola 'what to do' even 'if it is just friendly advice,' source

By Web Desk
November 12, 2022

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Victoria Beckham was not happy after Nicola Peltz discussed their family feud in her latest interview and reignited the speculations.

After reading the Transformers actor’s interview with The Sunday Times, the fashion designer was left wondering if her daughter-in-law is “enjoying all the drama.”

An insider told Closer Magazine that the wife of David Beckham “was livid when she read what Nicola said – insisting it would only fuel more rumours, rather than playing down the situation.”

“After all the stress and upset it’s caused and all the heated conversations they’ve had behind closed doors, Vic assumed it had been put to bed, so to have Nicola rehash it all and create another storm has pushed her over the edge,” the source added.

The insider also shared that Victoria avoids telling Nicola “what to do” even “if it is just friendly advice” as it appears that the billionaire heiress does the exact opposite of what she has been told.

And after putting all her energies into ending the rift with Nicola, Posh Spice has told her husband “that she’s just weary of being the one to make the effort and stay close when it seems like Brooklyn and Nicola are set on doing their own thing.”

“David has urged Vic to stay calm, and while he fully supports her, ultimately, they need to do everything they can to ensure the family isn’t torn apart and ensure that they can all move forward from this once and for all,” the insider said.