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Queen knew about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's intentions?

Queen Elizabeth II always had a soft spot for Harry, and she was delighted by the arrival of Meghan

By Web Desk
November 09, 2022

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attempted to "cash in" on their royal links in Queen Elizabeth II's life, a royal author has claimed.

Robert Lacey, in his book Battle of Brothers, claimed the decision made by Harry and Meghan to commercialise under their own royal trademark - "Sussex Royal" - forced the Queen to put her foot down as the couple were acting without her permission.

"Once again Harry had totally failed to consult the Queen about a major initiative affecting his royal work and image — and the image of the crown as a whole. The family finally hit back," according to Mr Lacey.

He added: "Elizabeth II had always had a soft spot for Harry, and she had been delighted by the arrival of Meghan, whose personal energies seemed to complement her grandson’s so well."

"But there were some matters on which Elizabeth II would not compromise — and chief among them was the authority of the crown.

"By not disclosing their plans to market merchandise under their own royal trademark, Harry and Meghan had trespassed dangerously on that authority. To commercialise the crown required the crown’s consent — and the Sussexes had not sought that."