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King Charles III doesn’t have ‘care in the world’ ahead of Harry’s book

King Charles III’s body language was recently analysed by the expert as Prince Harry’s gears up for memoir

By Web Desk
November 07, 2022

King Charles III is said to be showing ‘overkill resilience’ as Prince Harry gears up to release his bombshell memoir Spare.

The expert noted that the Prince of Wales attended a film festival in London on November 2, - the same day Charles hosted a reception in Buckingham Palace.

During her conversation with The Sun, body language expert Judi James said that the new monarch “appears to have adopted the ‘overkill rituals’ route to signal resilience and a lack of concern.”

“These exaggerated displays can be a signal in themselves as they often occur when someone is masking their authentic feelings and over-acting slightly as a result,” she noted.

The expert explained that Charles displayed “his jolly, fun side since he became king," calling this appearance “one of the most pronounced displays to date.”

“Either way the projected message he is trying to convey seems to be that he doesn’t have a care in the world,” she added.

Judi continued that William, on other hand, seemed “much more troubled”.

“When his eyes pick out the camera their expression looks rounded and rather wary, with a small frown of concern. This is reminiscent of the signals of wariness he used to display a few years ago when Harry was still in the UK and the camera seemed often to be received as an intrusion’,” she added.