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Prince Harry’s memoir gripe is ‘nothing more than jealousy’

Prince Harry Spare memoir has been accused of being ‘just sheer jealousy’

By Web Desk
November 06, 2022

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Prince Harry’s decision to namedrop his Spare memoir has just been branded “sheer jealousy.”

This claim has been made by Australian commentator Andrew Bolt, in his interview for The Bolt Report.

Mr Bolt began by admitting, “I’ve been trying to work out Prince Harry’s problem. And now that he’s announced the title of his memoir, which is out next January, I think I’ve got it.”

“It’s nothing more than the green-eyed monster, nothing more than jealousy. Now, Harry’s book is called Spare, as in ‘heir and the spare’ — like his job in life, like his whole existence was just to be the spare royal in case brother Prince William met with some sort of accident on the way and couldn’t become the next king.”

“And then Harry would step into the void, but of course now William has got his son, daughter, and another son, so we don’t need Harry anymore.”