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Prince Louis’ Kensington Palace nursery ‘haunted’ by ‘wild’ ghost child

Prince Louis' former nursery at Kensington Palace is haunted by a ghost known to locals as ‘Peter the Wild Boy’

By Web Desk
November 01, 2022

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Prince Louis, the youngest son of the future monarch Prince William and Kate Middleton, has had many royal experiences but one that stands out quite a bit is being reared in a haunted nursery in a royal Palace.

According to Express UK, the youngest Wales child’s former nursery at the Prince and Princess of Wales’ old residence at Kensington Palace was haunted by a ghost known to locals as ‘Peter, the Wild Boy’.

As per the outlet, Prince William and Kate’s former home is famous for the supernatural activity associated with it, and that Peter, the ghost of a young boy, was brought over to the Palace by King George I all the way back in the 1700s.

The ghost was reportedly came from Hanover with George I, the then Prince of Wales, in 1726; the monarch was said to be ‘fascinated’ by Peter, who lived in the woods and walked on all fours, now understood to be the rare Pitt Hopkins syndrome.

George I was reportedly involved in the welfare of the child, and Peter even features in a portrait of his court that hangs in the Kensington Palace today.

Kensington Palace was originally a mansion, and was then converted into a Palace in 1605, after which it became the home of Stuart and Georgian monarchs.