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Brad Pitt getting dumped by Emily Ratajkowski was ‘huge blow to his ego’: Insider

Brad Pitt was reportedly ditched by model Emily Ratajkowski, claims source

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October 31, 2022

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Brad Pitt’s ego was hurt when his rumoured girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski ditched him for a much “hotter” guy.

An insider told Globe Magazine that the Bullet Train star saw “long-term” potential in his relationship with the model but she dumped him for a famous DJ Orazio Rispo.

“He’s not used to being dumped or snubbed, but that’s the grim reality of what’s happened,” the source spilled to the outlet.

“He was telling everyone how incredible Emily Ratajkowski was, that he saw the long-term potential and couldn’t wait to spend more time and get to know her better,” the insider added.

“All of a sudden she’s stepped out with this other guy and doesn’t seem to give a (expletive) about Brad, which is a real kick in the teeth and a huge blow to his ego.”

However, his breakup with the Gone Girl star shifted his focus back to his legal battle with former wife Angelina Jolie who has accused him of physical abuse.

“A lot of folks were surprised that he’d actually found the time to date, but he was totally captivated by Emily after they were introduced through mutual friends and put a lot of things to one side to win her over,” the source stated.

As for Ratajkowski, she finds her new beau “a whole lot hotter than Brad Pitt and with much less baggage.”