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Royal Family attacks 'not a good look' for Prince Harry's future

Prince Harry's staffers reportedly felt memoir release would prove 'very disastrous'

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October 29, 2022
Royal Family attacks not a good look for Prince Harrys future
Royal Family attacks 'not a good look' for Prince Harry's future

Experts warn Prince Harry’s staffers already ‘knew’ the Spare memoir would be ‘disastrous’ for his future.

These claims have been made by the Daily Express's Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer, in an interview with Express UK.

He initially began by saying, “And then suddenly, you've got the prospect of this book coming out. And I don't think anybody can be really sure what is going to be in it or not. There might be a few hints.”

“Certainly some time ago, I was led to believe that there was some real concern in Harry and Meghan's camp, people working for them who had apparently seen the manuscript and were alarmed by it and thought that it would be disastrous for the couple.”

However, Mr Palmer also admitted that he never ended up running a story at the time “because I couldn't really confirm it independently. That sort of feeling has sort of been reflected elsewhere.”

“In short, I suppose the Royal Family are worried that the book will cast a shadow over the new reign, will reignite all of the controversies about allegations of racism, the allegations of bullying against Meghan.”

He also addressed the Royal Family’s fears surrounding the book and pointed out the damaging details of “Harry's unhappiness with his lot and the members of the Royal Family, his father's affair with then Camilla Parker Bowles, the break-up of his parent's marriage when he was young, the death of his mother [and the fact] he has never really dealt with the emotional fallout. It's just a bag for worms for the Royal Family.”