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Amber Heard moved to Spain in hopes of ‘reinventing’ herself

Amber Heard knows she can't revive her career in Hollywood as all A-listers are on Johnny Depp side

By Web Desk
October 21, 2022

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Amber Heard reportedly moved to Spain because she knows that all Hollywood bigwigs are on her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s side and she does not stand a chance to revive her career there.

The Aquaman star went to Europe in hopes of starting fresh in a country where no one calls her a liar, a source told National Enquirer.

The insider said that Amber “knows she’s toast in Hollywood since Johnny Depp’s got the most powerful players lining up to cast him and the majority of A-listers firmly on his side.”

“By moving somewhere like Spain, she hopes to reinvent herself, leave her money woes behind, and start fresh with her daughter."

“She can see herself living in Spain, where no one accuses her of being a conniving liar, but she won’t get away with trying to run from justice,” the source added. 

To note, it is not yet determined that whether Heard is in Spain for a vacation or if she plans to relocate to the country.