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PML-N, PML-F and NPP agree on electoral alliance

- February 26, 2013 - Updated 1657 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: An electoral alliance has been formed between the PML-N, PML-F and National Peoples Party (NPP).


PML-N President Nawaz Shairf met PML-F chief Pir Pagara and NPP chief Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi here on Tuesday. The meeting was also attended by Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif among others.


Speaking to the media following the meeting, Shairf said the parties would contest the elections together adding that the people of Sindh had been fooled. The PML-N president added that a group which had separated from the coalition government wanted to seize control of the setup of the interim government. In reply to a question Nawaz said that the elections would be held on time.


Nawaz added that they wanted to change the system in Sindh demanding that a governor appointed on political basis should be removed. Commenting on Karachi, Nawaz said the city had been taken hostage and no action had been taken regarding the Supreme Court’s order on militant wings of political parties. “If action had been taken Shahzeb would not have been murdered.”


Pir Pagara addressing the media said he had formed an alliance with Nawaz Sharif in the interest of the country. He stated that if the PML-F was a greedy party they would have not ended the alliance with the PPP. According to Pagara the government was making plans for rig the upcoming elecitons.


Earlier, the PML-N during a meeting with JI leaders agreed on cooperation between both parties in the elections.

Reader Comments
This is alliance of thieves, thugs, crooks & looters.

s chaudhury
United Kingdom
Ali, Canada; " A good change is on the way. We trust you Mr. Nawaz Sharif " Change? Ha Ha Ha Ha. Meer kya saada hain beemar huey jin ke sabab uss hee laptop...........

Mustafa Razavi
- it is that time, once again, for the thieves, crooks and liars to do jore-tore for more loot, plunder, gang-rapes and killing among other nefarious acts.

True Pakistani
Whatever this is, lets hope it turns out to be in the best of our country and its peoples' interests.

Good News, Crooks (MQM, Tahir Qadri, Imran Khan, PMLQ, Musharraf, Shujah Pasha)will not be able to fool the country any more. A good change is on the way. We trust you Mr. Nawaz Sharif, you set a good example in Punjab.

All tested ones are gang up to loot innocent voters once again,these rogues,rascals,looters and cheats be defeated this time,our destiny is in our hand,please "vote for new ones"

syed baqar ahsan
Mr.Shreef..this not media are independent..

ali ahmed
Saudi Arabia
Fantastic news. Crooks getting together to plan looting the stupid and dumb of Pakistan.

United Kingdom
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