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Jamat-e-Islami rallies against Valentine's Day

- February 12, 2013 - Updated 200 PKT - From Web Edition

PESHAWAR: Supporters of Pakistan's main religious party staged a noisy protest against Valentine's Day on Tuesday, denouncing it as un-Islamic and calling for a "day of modesty" instead.


The student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami rallied outside the press club in the northwestern city of Peshawar, chanting slogans against Valentine's Day, saying it had "spread immodesty in the world".


Valentine's Day is increasingly popular among younger Pakistanis, many of whom have taken up the custom of giving cards, chocolates and gifts to their sweethearts to celebrate the occasion.


But Pakistan remains a deeply traditional Muslim society where many disapprove of Valentine's Day as a Western import.


The demonstrators, who carried a banner urging February 14 to be a "day of modesty", said the tradition encouraged unmarried men and women to live together in sin.


"We will not allow holding of any Valentine's Day function," Shahzad Ahmed, the local head of the student organisation, said.


"The law enforcing agencies must prevent such gatherings, otherwise we will stop in our own way."


Peshawar is a conservative city on the edge of Pakistan's restive tribal belt, where most women go out in public wearing veils and few girls go out alone.


Many of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked bombings which have killed thousands of people in Pakistan in the past several years have focused around Peshawar and the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (AFP)

Reader Comments
If you consider Valenine's Day "unislamic and immodest", you should abstain from celebrating it. If you do not consider Valentine's Day to be "unislamic and immodest" you should celebrate it. Everybody can be happy and nobody needs to get hurt. It's time we all live and let live. Stop judging other people and focus on living in accordance with what we beleive, not what we want others to beleive.

lol 1000 years, 1000 years ago west was in dark ages. I fail to see how sex outside marriage is a sign of progress . This has nothing to do with hatred of the west, if Valentines day had been invented by cubans or russians it would be equally hated imagine living in a country where all the tv shows and films are foreign and foreign culture is promoted by the elite just look at rape statistics in us military, then complain about pak

This is pure hatred of the West which is not getting you guys anywhere. Look where the world is today and where Pakistan is. A difference of probably a thousand years if not more. There is nothing immodest in celebrating Valentine's Day.

Jimmy Rana
I thought there were bigger problems in Pakistan. Nadeed and Hamid do your thing and let others do theirs. You do not won the truth!

True Pakistani - other bad things can't legitimate to do more bad things..Valentine day is a day of 'beghairti' and should be condemned as such.

Yes, the mostly peoples throghout the world is celeberating the valentine day, questin is not celeberating question is, who is promoting? silence is great tool to discourge instead of noises.

- "valentine day" is unislamic. thieving, gang-rapes, killing of innocents . . . is?

True Pakistani
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