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Pak-India dialogue should continue: US

January 15, 2013 - Updated 019 PKT
From Web Edition

WASHINGTON: US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said Monday talks between officials from India and Pakistan over violations at the Line of Control (LoC) were satisfactory.


Speaking to reporters, Nuland said the US was happy that officials from Pakistan and India were holding talks over the violations.


The State Department spokesperson added that the dialogue process between the two countries should continue.

Reader Comments
Best idea.... Dialogue.....60 yrs already doing that....few more yrs no matter for survivors

Do Pakistanis want a dialogue with a country with even poorer records on women's rights!! Ms Nuland do you not understand that this sudden problem on the LOC has been created by the crafty devious Indians as a diversion for the widespread protests against Rapes of Poor helpless Indian women. Why is US not mobilising its might to protect theIndian women????

Munir q
United Kingdom
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