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Quetta protesters vow to continue sit-in

- January 12, 2013 - Updated 1759 PKT - From Web Edition

QUETTA: Families refusing to bury their dead after twin bombings in Quetta vowed to continue their sit-in protest Saturday until the army takes over security.

Hundreds of protesters have gathered on the main road near the snooker hall that was the scene of Thursday's twin suicide attacks, alongside more than 86 coffins carrying the victims' shrouded bodies, senior administration official Hashim Ghilzai said.


Families say they will not leave until authorities agree to put the security and administration of the city under army control.

"The government machinery has failed, there is no protection for people in Quetta," Hashim Mausawi said.


"We will not end our protest until we get an assurance that the Pakistan army will take over security and administrative control in Quetta."

"We are trying to convince them to end the protest. We cannot offer them something which is not in our control," Ghilzai told AFP after the bodies had remained on the road for about 30 hours, saying it was up to the government to decide whether to call in troops.

In a separate protest, more than 500 workers and supporters of the Hazara Democratic Party gathered outside the office of the provincial police chief in the city as its leader Abdul Khaliq went on a three-day hunger strike against lack of security.


"We want an immediate takeover of Quetta by the army," Khaliq said.


"The protest sit-in by hundreds of our supporters will continue for three days after which we will decide our future course of action."


The government in Baluchistan announced three days of morning after the bombings.

It was the deadliest attack in Pakistan since suicide bombers killed 98

people outside a police training centre in the northwest in 2011 -- an assault claimed by the Pakistani Taliban.

Earlier Thursday, a bomb had been detonated under a security force vehicle in a crowded part of Quetta, killing 11 people and wounding dozens.


Another bomb at a religious gathering in the northwestern Swat valley

killed 22 people and wounded more than 80, the deadliest incident in the district since the army in 2009 fought off a two-year Taliban insurgency.

In total 126 people were killed in bombings in what was one of Pakistan's deadliest days for years, raising concerns about rising violence in the nuclear-armed country ahead of general elections.


The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan demanded that the government take immediate steps to clamp down on "murdering mayhem" ahead of the elections.

Reader Comments
Federal govt has to step in, kick the mullahs & sardars out of Baluchistan govt, declare marshal law in baluchistan & clean the mess. The masacure of Hazaras is masacure of humanity......

provide arms to Shias to protect themselves from the criminals. Do not waste time and force shias to go on violent path.

The series of attacks against Hazara community is a well carved and pre-conceived strategy to outnumber the Hazara people in Balochistan. The onslaught is aimed at systematically reducing their presence and count - thus paving the way for fuelling pro-baloch identity which might eventually take the shape of balochistan seperating from Pakistan.

It is not a "shia sunni" matter. Every muslim is with hazara brothers.Their rights should be given to them , they should be given all kind of protection.

Enough is enough. I am a Muslim and hate to be called as Shia or Sunni or any other sect. I am a Muslim and only a Muslim. I urge my brothers and sisters of Quetta to stop acting like sitting ducks and stop getting killed at the hands of rascals from LeJ and their accomplices. It is time to kill ten times the rascals of Lej for every one killed from your community. Please stand up and fight for your survival.

Where is CJ and his suo mottos? Where is Imran khan? Where are all the politicians? Basically Pakistan is ruled by Wahhabis who have no regard for the life. I believe army should stop protecting the borders from India etc and focus on providing security inside Pakistan to the innocent people? This is unbelievaable that innocent minorities are being killed. If the govt can't bring the peace then country should further be divided into 4 more countries.

More power to you my Hazara brothers. I am a Sunni Punjabi "Pakistani Muslim" who has lived most of his life abroad and in Lahore. My heart goes out to you and your cause. We are all Pakistanis. We are all brothers.

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