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Dallas: protest against Israeli attacks

By Raja Zahid A Khanzada
- November 19, 2012 - Updated 1239 PKT - From Web Edition

DALLAS: Muslim community in Dallas held a protest rally in solidarity with Palestinians and against the Israeli barbaric attacks on Gaza.


Men, women and children staged a large demonstration, organized by Dallas Peace Center and various Muslim organizations in downtown Dallas.


The protest rally held in front of the Federal building in downtown Dallas closed to Kenedy memorial where participants expressed there anger over naked aggression of Israeli defence forces against unarmed Palestinians of Gaza.


Some of the participants of the rally included American Muslim Democratic Caucus Co-Chair Syed Fayyaz Hassan, Muslim Democratic Caucus of Texas President Aftab Siddiqui, Dallas Peace Center leader Hadi Jawwad, South Asia Democracy Watch directors, Muzaffar kashmeri, Raja Zahid Khanzada, KaraKuram thinkers forum President Siraj Butt, known columnist Saeed Qureshi, Shah Alam and Tahreek e Insaaf workers under the leadership of Nayyara Bukhari.


The rally participants raised vociferous slogans against Israeli aggression and demanded US government to put pressure on Israel to stop the barbaric bombing on civilians in Gaza.


Americans from diverse background, ethnicity and race including Pakistanis, Syrian, Palestinians and other Arabs along with people of endogenous background attended the rally.


The rally lasted for around four hours. Rally was also participated by local peace activists who expressed their anguish on the Israeli air strikes on Gaza.


The violence against unarmed civilians is unacceptable and American administration and UN should take notice of it immediately, they demanded.

Reader Comments
@William, here in Dallas, we have had many protests, rallies, and walks against the inhumane acts committed by the Syrian government but sadly, none of them make it to the headlines.

How about the Israeli cilivians that they have killed. How about them. The palestinians are nothing but murders.Israel has the right to defend herself when muslims try to take over her land.I hope she wipes them out for good this time along with Iran. Joseph USA

When has US and UN helped poor Palestinians in the past that we expect help from them now?

It's nice that these protestors tried to make a statement that "violence against unarmed civilians is unacceptable," but I'm curious to know if any of them rallied against the murder of unarmed civilians in Syria? Or, do they only rally when one of America's democratic allies is carefully targeting Hamas leadership and functionaries who daily terrorize innocent Israeli cilivians with indiscriminate rocket attacks on schools, hospitals and homes?

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