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Sacrilege be declared crime globally: PM

- September 21, 2012 - Updated 1137 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf Friday demanded from the world community to declare sacrilege a crime globally.


Sacrilege was intolerable for the Muslims, as it was not the issue of freedom of expression instead it was the question of violence on earth, Geo News reported.


Addressing the Ishq-e-Rasool Conference here, the prime minister said that freedom of expression didn’t mean that revered personalities be made a target, adding that protest against such despicable acts was our religious duty.


Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that the world today was threatened by religious extremism and one of the reasons of extremism was disrespect to other religions.


PM said that the miscreants have targeted the greatest personality of the universe whom no power on earth could ever cause any damage.


PM said that the sentiments of the Muslims were not taken care of, while the debate on holocaust was forbidden. Pakistan has the right to protest against the anti-Islam film and added that all the religions, beliefs and the revered personalities must be respected.


He said that Pakistan was the only Islamic country observing protest day officially and this was not all but President Asif Ali Zardari would be taking up this issue in the General Assembly of the United Nations.


He said anti-social elements were using the concept of freedom of speech in an offensive manner, adding that, Islam was a religion of peace and preached respect for all faiths.


PM Ashraf further said that a significant factor leading to increased extremism the world over was lack of mutual respect among followers of different religions.


He said if such actions did not stop, they would create instability worldwide.


Reader Comments
lets not worry about other things thats of least importance to us. Pakistan is in a big mess right now because of the corruption of our own people focus on the factory fire that killed 300 people .work towards solving the problem and making sure that does not repeat again as that involved precious human lives nothing is more important than a life.

first this blasphemy law will never be implemented globally as the person's who are in authority to make this a law are all christians and christian countries and they will never make it legal for you'll to kill anybody in the name of religion no matter what. You dont have that right to kill anybody no matter what. neither does islam permit muslims to kill anybody because of religion. so just forget it.

I think President has a point here. This would be the civilized way of letting the World know that there are limit for everything.

Sacrilege of any religion should be made illegal, not just islam.

Please focus on development issues than a silly distasteful crappy movie. Lets thing beyond religion/deen and make progress on eliminating poverty, disease and hunger.

Dear Prime Minister Ashraf, other readers... Do you really think that the Prophet (pbuh) cares about stupid people 'expressing' themselves in order to offend others? I seriously and really believe that he does not, but that what he does care about is the people on his earth killing each other through this ignorance...

A Son...
dont impose your narrow minded views on the world.

Very important issue. Pakistan and Muslim world should move the UN to declare this a crime. If denying holocaust is termed a crime, why should hurting the feelings of the Muslims be left un-noticed as "freedom of speech". We support the PM to can get it through.

Khizar Usmani
Saudi Arabia
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