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Says needs information ministry’s permission to block
Obaid Abrar Khan
Monday, September 17, 2012
From Print Edition


RAWALPINDI: Despite the claim of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that it has blocked the anti-Islam movie from the website, clips of the film are still available.


When The News contacted Deputy Director PR PTA Malahat Rab, she said PTA was trying its best to block the link of the anti-Islam movie but it kept being uploaded from different IP addresses.


When asked why PTA was not blocking she said PTA hadn’t received any orders from the Ministry of Information Technology to block the website. “We have established a complaint centre and have requested everyone to send us the link of the website on which the anti-Islam movie is being aired. All complaints may be sent [email protected],” she added.


Youth have now started recording their protest against the non-blockade of the clips on social media and by sending SMSes to motivate their friends and families to stage protests so that the website may be blocked.


Many youngsters told The News that since the concerned department had failed to block the anti-Islam movie from and the authorities of the website were also not taking it down, the Ministry of Information Technology should block the website in Pakistan. They said if the authorities did not take notice of this complaint the youth would stage a protest outside the office of the PTA to force them to block the website. They said in this way would face losses and would be forced to unload the anti-Islam movie.


Muhammad Umair, a university student, said that the youth of Pakistan were really very angry against the airing of the anti-Islam movie. He said all university students had started a campaign to mobilise youngsters to stage a protest against the uploading of the anti-Islam movie.


Another student Yasir Ali said that Pakistani leaders and higher authorities of PTA should be ashamed for not wholly blocking the movie from being viewed. “If they are unable to stop the uploading of the anti-Islam movie clips then they should block the website itself as soon as possible,” he added.


He said if PTA did not block the website all university students of the twin cities would stage a protest outside the PTA headquarter to force them to take strict action against the website.