Monday December 05, 2022

Govt urged to ensure safety of animals

By Our Correspondent
October 05, 2022

Islamabad : Animal rights activists have urged the government to take effective measures for the safety of animals that are being subjected to torture and killing both in forest and urban areas.

While highlighting the importance of the safety of animals on World Animal Day which is observed on October 4 every year they underlined the fact that animals should be treated with respect and have more rights than they currently do in society. They urged the government to draft proper regulations in favour of stray animals, against the domestication of wild animals and animal cruelty.

“Put fresh water on your balconies, roofs, and outside your homes. Do not throw stones or unnecessarily irritate street dogs, feed them a few biscuits and stay safe from dog bites,” they said.

Saeed Khan, an activist, said “The motto of this international day is to create a safer place for animals everywhere on earth. There is a need to bring people together to increase awareness and improve education so animals can live the lives they deserve.” “Seeing wild animals who are supposed to be free in jungles, is sad, dying alone in cages with no proper food and medical care at all. The Islamabad High Court ordered the closure of Islamabad Zoo due to poor living conditions of animals that were left to die by the administration,” he said.

Shahabuddin, a university student, said “The human interventions had forced wild animals to leave Margalla Hills National Park that had been their natural habitat for centuries. Now some of them including leopards have started returning back to the national park but interventions are still there in the shape of construction and cutting of forests.”

He said “Animal welfare is a responsibility that is not just restricted to governments but all humans as well. We should promote animal welfare, establish animal rescue shelters, raise finances, and organize activities to improve living conditions of animals.”