Thursday December 07, 2023

Shinkiari AC staff asked to vacate offices

By Our Correspondent
October 03, 2022

MANSEHRA: Dispute over the mass literacy centre between an assistant commissioner and Shinkiari neighbourhood council’s chairman was resolved here on Sunday and the letter was asked to vacate the premises.

The confrontation between the Assistant Commissioner Baffa-Pakhal Novaria Farooq and Chairman of neighbourhood council Shinkiari Shabbir Ahmad started last week when the former asked the latter to provide her space for her sub-office at the mass literacy centre.

Shabbir had strictly refused to provide her space and said the centre where offices of neighbourhood council Shinkiari were also located, was the property of the local government and could only be utilised for the public works.

Local Government and Rural Development Department, Mansehra, wrote a letter to the neighbourhood council Shinkiari’s secretary, asking him to immediately vacate the offices (premises) for the office of assistant commissioner.

“You are hereby strictly directed to vacate the said building immediately and arrange some rented building within the jurisdiction of your neighbourhood council,” the letter said.

It further said the mass literacy centre’s building was neither the property of the local government department, nor of the Shinkiari neighbourhood council.

“Non-compliance of the orders/directions will lead to initiating disciplinary proceedings under the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa civil servants rules and other legal actions as per law,” the letter further said.