Wednesday September 28, 2022

Import of bulletproof vehicles: Senior army officers get tax, duty exemptions

Exemption would be applicable on import of bulletproof vehicles up to 6,000cc by the top brass of military officers

September 24, 2022
A worker checks a bullet and bombproof vehicle at a workshop in Karachi. -AFP
A worker checks a bullet and bombproof vehicle at a workshop in Karachi. -AFP

ISLAMABAD: After getting approval from the federal cabinet, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has exempted senior army officers from payment of all duties and taxes on the import of bulletproof vehicles up to 6000cc after their retirement.

The FBR’s Member Customs Policy signed an official notification to this effect here on Friday but it was not yet placed on the website of FBR. However, top official sources confirmed to The News on Friday night that the exemption of Customs Duty, Sales Tax, Withholding Tax and Federal Excise Duty (FED) would be applicable on the import of bulletproof vehicles up to 6,000cc by the top brass of military officers, including Lieutenant Generals, services chiefs, Chief of the Army Staff and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC).

The sources said that the FBR might place the concerned notification on its website any time soon but all formal requirements were fulfilled after seeking permission from the federal cabinet for allowing this kind of tax exemption.

There will be certain conditions attached to this permission. On the recommendations of the Ministry of Defence, the FBR will allow the exemption of duties and taxes on the import of such vehicles by the said officials on their retirement. All four-star generals have been permitted to import 2 vehicles after retirement.

The owners of the vehicles would be required to obtain prior permission of the FBR for the sale of such vehicles after their import. If the vehicle is disposed of before five-year period, the FBR will recover all duties and taxes applicable at the time of import of such vehicles, the notification was quoted as saying by the relevant sources.


    Love Your Country commented 5 days ago

    How is this acceptable?

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    Wow commented 5 days ago

    What a miserable country!!

    26 4

    Syed Zafarul Hasan commented 5 days ago

    When the country is in such an economic mess, there should no exemptions on luxuries for anyone.

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    Law changed for only 2 full general and 25 leutinent generals commented 5 days ago

    Law amendments are made which could benefit masses, this one amendment is for 27 only. Wow

    16 1

    Aleem Mumtaz commented 5 days ago

    We can only regret on this as Country is destoryed by flood and what we are doing. Shameful moments

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    Ahmed commented 5 days ago

    Of course, these poor generals, struggling to make ends meet in their free Askari homes, need all the help we can give them. Why charge them utility bills at this point? Why not extend the facilities to all lower ranks as well? Hell with the civilians eh? Who gives as crap about general public.

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    Aleem Mumtaz commented 5 days ago

    We can only regret all we are suffering and they need bullet proof cars

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    Ahmed Ata Khan commented 5 days ago

    May Allah destroy all those, from within and without, who are enemies of our country. And we were always told India was our enemy! How naïve of us!

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    Malik yar commented 4 days ago

    An ordinary citizen can not import 800 cc car duty free. After Army Officers, there will be many Questions of Beaurocrates, Judges and Politician to import such duty free cars. Indeed Pakistan established for these people's not for people's of Pakistan.

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    BS commented 4 days ago

    Goes on to show that rules/laws are applicable only on the common man, yet who are to serve and protect the nation need tax free bullet proof cars after retirement. Totally unacceptable

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    Kaif commented 4 days ago

    Can't comment on the ones who Can't be named on account of fear of being wished away by the unknown ones but do you think is it fair ?

    7 1

    Owais commented 4 days ago

    The establishment is taking such benefits since independence and no one stopped them

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    Dr A. Ali commented 4 days ago

    No sense. Why to benefit the upper class. They are already enjoying multiple benefits.

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    Hussain Ahmed commented 4 days ago

    New way to facilitate elite class

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    Ayub Khan commented 4 days ago

    I am sure it is done in the name of national security.

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    Qurban Ali Anwar commented 3 days ago

    First of all, we should wait for announcement of notification then should be discussed about the approving authority. What are they thinking about Pakistan

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