Thursday June 01, 2023

15 migrants found dead, eight rescued off Syria coast

September 23, 2022

DAMASCUS: The Syrian authorities found the bodies of 15 migrants in waters off the port city of Tartus on Thursday, the government said, adding that at least eight others had been rescued.

"Fifteen people were found dead, (and) eight survivors were taken to Al-Basel hospital in Tartus," the head of Syrian ports Samer Kbrasli said in a statement released by the ministry of transport.

"According to survivors, their boat left Lebanon days ago," Kbrasli said, adding that the migrants were from various nations. Rescue teams were at work in several areas off Tartus, including around the island of Arwad, he added. Efforts, supported by local fishermen, were ongoing to retrieve the boat, he said, but did not provide further details on what caused the incident.