Wednesday September 28, 2022

Prices of milk, yogurt at historic high

By Our Correspondent
August 20, 2022

Rawalpindi : The prices of one litre of milk have increased up to Rs160, making the lives of the cash-starved people more difficult in the city.

According to the details, three types of milk are being sold by the milk sellers with prices ranging from Rs130 to Rs160 according to the quality of milk.

The local people stated milk being sold by sellers on motorbikes at Rs130 is of low quality and not suitable especially for growing children.

They also sell milk at Rs140 per litre which is also not good but can be used for making tea. Only milk that is sold at Rs160 per litre offers somewhat better quality and can be consumed by children. The price of one kg of yoghurt is now Rs180 at milk shops, which was Rs160 in May this year.

As far as expenditures of dairy farms are concerned, the cost of one bag of feed of 40 kg has been increased three times this year and it is now being sold at Rs3,000.

The price of straw has reached Rs800 per 40 kg, the price of green fodder is Rs450 per 40 kg, and the price of chowkar is Rs1,500 per 30 kg.

Abid Rasheed, a resident of Rawalpindi, said “It is unfortunate to see that the sellers increase prices of milk and yoghurt often at their own will. They increased the price of one litre of milk to Rs160 and one kilogram of yoghurt to Rs180 but I did not see any official notification at that time.”

He said “The price hike seems to be killing the common people who look towards the government for relief. The local administration should also keep vigil over the prices of essential household commodities in the markets.”